A workshop I gave to the staff of a Business about Selling.

I am here to talk about Selling, Next I will Talk about this Business, After which I will talk about the importance of the customer to you and the business. Then I will talk about the importance of your part in this business. Finally I will give you a couple of ideas the will help you improve your lives. ______________________________________________ How to Sell What is selling? The best definition is “Selling is Serving” There are Continue Reading »

One thing we can agree on is that we all want to be happy, right?

You might think so, but studies of people in every stage of life have shown that we virtually never put happiness first. It is always a by-product of something else and never the main event. When you look at this breakdown, you might agree that it sounds fairly accurate: Question: “What will make you happy?” • Elementary school – children in third grade listed their wants as trips to the amusement park, dolls that talk, Continue Reading »


Happiness is not magic, and it’s not magical thinking. It doesn’t belong to a lucky few. Moving from a state where you experience a lot of negative emotions like anxiety and depression to happiness requires commitment and courage. If you want to be happy, you have to entertain the possibility that you can be. Many people come to believe very early in life that life is a game they can’t win. They spend the rest Continue Reading »

Are You Feeling Miserable, Depressed or Lonely?

This is the content of a Course I am about to run locally in Leeds UK This is an 8 week evening class on Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm. I would appreciate any comments or questions about this Course. Have you Lost Your Happiness? This 8 Week Course in Positive Living Could be the Answer Course Content: Week One:   Introduction. Outline of the course, The Pandemic of Depression Therapies for reducing Depression: Medication, Meditation, Continue Reading »

How Movements and /or Riots Start.

The Power of Psychology at work in the crowd. In the first instance there emerges ‘the Leader’.  He or she is the lone person, full of confidence who has the aspiration to do good or who feels angry at some social injustice, who also has the Guts and is emotionally moved to stand out in the crowd and declare his/her position to the Public at large. If their appeal is stimulating enough he/she may well Continue Reading »

Ideas worth Spreading.

One of the gems of modern television is a series of short TV presentations by people who are eminent in their chosen fields of work who have been invited to speak to an audience of their peers. I am not sure how these events are created but they seem to be Seminars staged over a few days at locations as far afield as Glasgow and Los Angeles. The speakers have been invited to present the Continue Reading »

In Twenty One Days you will be Happy!

Here is a formulae that will lift you from Depression and Change Your Outlook on Life Forever! This is based on the scientific research of Shaun Ackar and his colleagues in a book titled ” The Happy Secret to Better Work” in which he describes ‘The Happiness Advantage’. First let me advise you to read the book about his discovery for yourself. That is what I do. I then distil the essence of the content Continue Reading »

Do you feel they are not taking you Seriously?

It could be that your body language is letting you down. It’s an established fact that people will take one look at you and in that split second make far reaching decisions about you that could affect your whole future life whether it be in your career or your social life. They will decide to trust you or distrust you, like you or dislike you they will also decide whether they are stronger or weaker Continue Reading »

A Simple Technique that will Lift Your Depression!

In my last post I described how I was able to move out of a state of hopelessness by learning how to control my anxiety through a technique I discovered which I call Creative Visualization.  Having acquired this new skill which worked better than the drugs I had been prescribed, I wondered if I could use the same technique to help my former wife who was classified as a Manic Depressive. She had received the Continue Reading »

You don’t have to remain Depressed!

This is confirmed by the outstanding work of the eminent psychologist professor Martin Seligman PHD.  He has devoted his career to the study of Learned Helplessness and its consequent illness Depression. His work and the work of his colleagues has moved forward to their latest discovery which is that it is possible to reverse this illness with the practice of Learned Optimism.  www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/‎. go to this site where you can test your own levels of Continue Reading »

Increase Your Sales Power By Using Compliments!

There are three essentials for a compliment to become catalysts in persuasion and selling. 1) It has to be sincere. You should always be able to find a genuine reason to compliment someone. 2) It should be specific. This multiplies the benefit of the compliment; tell them why you like it. 3) It should be of real interest to your prospect or something about which they need reassurance. Ask questions to gather information about the Continue Reading »