Free Online Classes in Salesmanship :- Lesson (10)

YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A GOOD ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ SO IT IS VITAL THAT YOU GET IT RIGHT! Your appearance, when you are selling is of no concern to anyone but you — but to you it is vital. It affects your selfesteem and if your appearance is wrong you place yourself under an immediate handicap. I know some salesmen who sell successfully despite their appearance but how much does the wrong appearance Continue Reading »

Free Online Classes in Salesmanship :- Lesson (11)

The Four Steps to learning anything! We learn all our habits through a 4 step process Our habits can make or break us. Learn how to change them. Let’s use, as an example, the way we learn to ride a bicycle. You see someone riding a bicycle and you think you will do the same. You are at the unconscious incompetent stage where you don’t know you can’t do it. You sit on the bicycle Continue Reading »


Your actions multiplied by time, equal your  accomplishments. If you want to see change in your life and big results, the first thing you must do is change your current actions. Otherwise the old saying becomes a reality: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got!” But if we change our actions, we will see different results! Most people want to accomplish a lot in their lives. Yet Continue Reading »

Free Online Classes in Salesmanship Lesson (7)

THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE 20TH CENTURY People can change! This knowledge plus the miracle of your mind will open the door to your success. The key to this is one of the greatest discoveries of this century. It was made by a professor at Harvard, who discovered and proved that “People Can Change.” We all have a mental image of ourselves, which was formed in our first seven years of life, (our formative years.) This Continue Reading »

You have to imagine this scenario!

A large room in a factory in which there were 30 women of ages ranging from 20 to over 50, with varying degrees of skill working as machinists, sewing cushions and other sections of the material to for the seats, backs, and arms for upholstered furniture, working at their machines and also 5 experienced female cutters, laying up and cutting multiple thickness’s of leather cloth and other furniture materials, chattering away and working as normal, Continue Reading »

Startling Research based on 100 people aged 30.

This is what happened by the time they reached retirement! Only One was Rich. Four were Financeally Independent. Five were still having to Work. Twelve were Broke. Twenty nine were already Dead. The other Fortynine were dependent upon Friends,Social Services or Charity. Conclusion:- 93% of those who lived to Retirement were dependant upon friends, relatives, a Job, or living off Charity. You may ask how I know this? The answer will be found in facts Continue Reading »

To Build Your Business – Go Fishing!

GETTING BACK TO MY IDEA FOR A BOOK:- I hope I can persuade you that it’s not as crazy as it sounds. I use fishing here as an analogy. you have heard the expression “I was sold -hook-line and Sinker” It was this expression that gave me the idea for the title. I know that if you want to build any business you have to have a ‘hook’, that is an offer for your prospective Continue Reading »

Why I wrote a book and give it away!

All of the 35 years I worked in sales and sales management was spent selling advertising, insurance, pensions, or the concept of networking, to entrepreneurs. I have sold to thousands of them either one at a time or in groups. I have recruited and trained hundreds of salesmen and saleswomen and lectured nationally and internationally. By now you may be wondering how my experience will help you and why, if I have made my fortune, Continue Reading »

Does making Sales Appointments get you down?

It used to be the bane of my life, until I realized I didn’t have to do it!          In order to become successful in my chosen career which was in selling Company Pension Schemes to small or medium sized Companies, I needed 4 appointments every day (Monday to Friday) with the Managing Directors or proprietors of businesses with five or more employees.  Five was the minimum number of employees that the Continue Reading »

A workshop I gave to the staff of a Business about Selling.

I am here to talk about Selling, Next I will Talk about this Business, After which I will talk about the importance of the customer to you and the business. Then I will talk about the importance of your part in this business. Finally I will give you a couple of ideas the will help you improve your lives. ______________________________________________ How to Sell What is selling? The best definition is “Selling is Serving” There are Continue Reading »

One thing we can agree on is that we all want to be happy, right?

You might think so, but studies of people in every stage of life have shown that we virtually never put happiness first. It is always a by-product of something else and never the main event. When you look at this breakdown, you might agree that it sounds fairly accurate: Question: “What will make you happy?” • Elementary school – children in third grade listed their wants as trips to the amusement park, dolls that talk, Continue Reading »


Happiness is not magic, and it’s not magical thinking. It doesn’t belong to a lucky few. Moving from a state where you experience a lot of negative emotions like anxiety and depression to happiness requires commitment and courage. If you want to be happy, you have to entertain the possibility that you can be. Many people come to believe very early in life that life is a game they can’t win. They spend the rest Continue Reading »